20 Way We Help You Develop A Winner

1. Development – Concept, Art, Design, Project Management, Engineering

2. Production – QA, Submission, Release, Post-launch Support, Platform Porting

3. Hosting – Server/Database/Cloud Management, Online User Connectivity, E-Commerce Platforms

4. Technical knowledge and support, including evaluation of software and hardware platforms, SDK, Plug-in and API integration

5. Engineering for a variety of 1st Party Services (iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, Facebook, Web, etc.) utilizing Unity, C#, Flash, HTML 5 and more

6. Customized User Interface / User Experience created using advanced player behavior analytics for optimum User Monetization, Retention, App Rating and Ranking

7. Quality Texturing, Animations, Modeling, Rigging, Backgrounds and more from artists specializing in specific areas of design and technique

8. Feature Design and iteration based on individual event-level feedback

9. Professional Level and Tutorial Design to engage and empower the user from Day 1

10. Ongoing Monetization and Economy tweaks to maximize profits and user satisfaction

11. Content Hosting Solutions, Backend Server Integration and Maintenance

12. Oversight of Code Repository, Versioning, and Optimization for performance on low-end devices

13. Porting of code to increase Revenue Sources, Conversions and Localizations to access lucrative markets such as China, Japan and the UK

14.Ongoing Bug Tracking and Regression Testing to remain viable after software and hardware updates

15. LiveOps to create a continual source of new content, leading to long-term, happy customers

16. E-Commerce platforms designed to entice players to recognize value and monetize over time

17. User Acquisition through Socialization, Advertisements, Marketing, Trade Shows and more

18. Proprietary Analytics Toolsets / Analysis designed to improve Monetization / User Acquisition

19. OEM opportunity realization, exclusive SKU creation, vertical integration with existing capabilities

20. Project Management from PMP and SMC-certified Producers using the latest tracking applications and techniques


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