Publisher Services

Digital Publisher

Comprehensive understanding of Digital Ecosystem

Access to Industry Talent and Developers

Full Commercial CapabilityLocalization, Quality Assurance, Analytics

Online Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Community Management

Monetization Planning, Execution, and Optimization

1st Party / App Store Relationship Management

Pre-launch Planning and Documentation

Product and Technical Design input

Application and Technical Design Document development

Monetization Strategy, pinch point identification, Design input

Analytics Package Selection and Deployment Plans

Development and Production Management

Comprehensive Production Management

Technical Management and Support for Development Teams

Monetization Strategy Deployment

Milestone Preparation and Submission

Localization and Quality Assurance Management and Implementation

Licensee Concept and Milestone Presentations

Support of Third Party Licensee Approvals

Marketing Planning and Execution

Analytical Package and Trigger Deployment

In-game Ads or virality-generating Add-on Deployment as required

Pre-launch / Launch Marketing Strategy and Tactical Development

Pre-launch / Launch Trade Show and PR Management

Develop and implement Customer Acquisition Strategy

App Store placement and Trade Marketing

Post Launch LiveOps and Reporting

Create pipeline of Monthly / Quarterly Updates, manage Development and launch to drive re-engagement with lapsed users and additional feature placement from the App Stores


Build and maintain Web and Social touch points and campaigns for apps to aggregate and manage fans (Community Management)

Concept, develop, flight, monitor, and optimize user acquisition media on: TapJoy, Facebook, Vungle, Chartboost, Fiksu, Appia, FreeMyApps, PlayHaven, AppLovin, SponsorPay, MagicSolver, and more

Use best-in-class analytics services, Flurry, Upsight, Google Analytics and attribution services, Kochava and Bitly to identify product enhancements to maximize Acquisition, Retention and Monetization